“The Out of the Norm Show”

is an eclectic collection of stories that define culture, preserve history, and entertain.
Show host, Norm Allen comes from a long history of public performance on stage as a
singer/songwriter, a  gifted public speaker, conservative radio talk show host, and as the host of Norm at Noon Show in North Carolina, Out of the Norm Show in the North Central Arkansas, North West Arkansas and now Virgina.

There are no boundaries as to the show’s content, only to guarantee that America will be shown in Her best light, our friends, and neighbors who will be the subjects of many stories, will always be treated with dignity and respect.  The message of the programs will unashamedly be from the viewpoint of God, family, and country.

 It’s fun, it’s engaging, it’s informative, but mainly “The Out of the Norm Show” is a reflection of the good people of America that best epitomizes the American Lifestyle.

So wherever The Out of the Norm Show may originate as it follows Norm on his travels through back yards, neighborhoods, museums, farms, and who knows where, it will always have an element of home as Norm has a special gift of not only telling the stories with his own brand of humor and a hint of Texas confidence always asking the questions that you would ask.  You are part of the conversation and

the Stories Are Always All About You.



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